Electrical Renovations

Need electrical services for a bit of an upgrade?

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Technology moves fast – but we move faster. Do you need data cabling, a lighting upgrade, or an electrical system that’s more environmentally friendly? Our electrical services can sort all of this and more as part of an electrical renovation. If you’re looking for a reliable electrical company near you, Taylored Electrical Solutions operates across East and South Auckland.

Instead of making do with what you have, you can raise the enjoyment of your home or the productivity of your workplace, with a thorough electrical renovation.

Time for an Electrical Renovation


At Taylored Electrical Solutions, we provide a comprehensive electrical renovation and upgrade service. An electrical renovation can bring your home into the modern world, while keeping its aesthetics and character. We can fit out your home or office with more power sockets, or sockets in better locations, or even completely rehaul the wiring and panels to increase the capacity of your electrical system.

From home inspections to planning through to completing the on-site work, we will guide you through the best plan and practise for your project.

Our Electrical Renovation Services


Taylored Electrical Solutions offers electrical services and upgrades across East or South Auckland. Our electrical renovation services include:

  • Adding more power outlets or installing an all-in-one charging station. Your home and workplace should be easy and safe to power, even if you want to charge multiple appliances at one location
  • Adding newer circuit protection to track the idle electricity usage of the site. This keeps appliances safe, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, as they shut off the power if a plugged-in appliance comes in contact with water. This keeps your premises safe from an electrical fire or even electrocution.
  • Updating old wiring and panels to increase the capacity of the electrical system. For example, older panels may not have enough space to add circuits, and older wiring may need to be brought up to code.

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